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Link2SD Plus v4.0.13 Mod Apk

Link2SD Plus Mod Apk

Link2SD Plus mod apk is an application chief that makes it simple for Android 2.0+ clients on their gadget to move applications to the SD card. It empowers you to deal with your applications and capacity effectively.


✔ Link apk, dex and lib records of applications to SD card

✔ Link inside information of applications to SD card (Plus)

✔ Link outer information and obb organizers of applications and amusements to SD card (Plus)

✔ Link dex records of the framework applications to SD card (Plus)

✔ Auto clear store administration (Plus)

✔ Automatically interface recently introduced applications (discretionary)

✔ Move any client applications to SD despite the fact that the application does not bolster moving to SD (“power move”)

✔ Shows the applications that bolster moving to SD with local app2sd

✔ Set the default introduce area of the applications; auto, inner, or outer

✔ Batch join, unlink, reinstall, uninstall, “move to SD”, “move to telephone” capacities

✔ Notify when versatile applications introduced

✔ Uninstall framework applications (bloatware evacuation)

✔ Freeze and un-solidify framework and clients applications

✔ Convert framework applications into client applications

✔ Convert client applications into framework applications

✔ Integrate “Overhauled” framework applications into framework (ROM)

✔ Clear information and store of the application

✔ Batch clear information and store of the chose applications

✔ Clear all applications store immediately (1-tap reserve cleaner without being root)

✔ Exclusion list for “Clear all application store” capacity

✔ Clear store gadget (1-tap reserve cleaner without being root)

✔ Notify if all out store size surpasses indicated size

✔ Reboot director incorporates power off, typical reboot, fast (hot) reboot, reboot recuperation, reboot bootloader/download mode

✔ Reboot gadget to boot with a single tick

✔ List applications, show nitty gritty size data and connection status

✔ Wide assortment of alternatives to sort and channel applications

✔ Search applications by name

✔ Display accessible space data of interior stockpiling, SD card and SD card second segment

✔ Share the Play Store join or the APK (application’s full bundle) document of the applications

✔ Create easy route for the applications

✔ Support 40+ dialects

How it functions:

Connecting applications

Link2SD utilizes an optional parcel on your SD card and uses it as another fragment of inward stockpiling.

Link2SD moves apk, dalvik-store (.dex), lib and inside information documents into this parcel, which the OS mounts on boot, and makes a typical connection in the first area.

This holds the record structure that the framework expects however with the main part of the information moved to the SD card.

Connecting obb and outer information envelopes of applications and amusements

On gadgets that have copied SD card, obb and outer information organizers are situated in the inside capacity, not in the outside (genuine) SD card.


Link2SD Plus (New)
Link2SD Plus (New)
Developer: Bulent Akpinar
Price: $2.35
  • Link2SD Plus (New) Screenshot
  • Link2SD Plus (New) Screenshot
  • Link2SD Plus (New) Screenshot
  • Link2SD Plus (New) Screenshot
  • Link2SD Plus (New) Screenshot
  • Link2SD Plus (New) Screenshot
  • Link2SD Plus (New) Screenshot
  • Link2SD Plus (New) Screenshot

Link2SD moves these envelopes to the first or the second parcel of your outer SD card (contingent upon your determination) and with the dilemma alternative of the mount charge remounts the record chain of command at outside SD card while it is still accessible at the first area.

What you require:

Connecting applications

– root authorization

– second segment on SD card

You ought to have two segments on your SD card and both ought to be essential.

You have to utilize a non-FAT record framework (ext2, ext3, ext4 or f2fs) on your second parcel keeping in mind the end goal to connection application’s private information documents. Since the FAT record framework (FAT16, FAT32 or exFAT) does not bolster UNIX document possession or authorizations and will bring about a security breakdown of application’s private documents.

Link2SD Plus mod does not make the second segment, you have to make it yourself.

Connecting obb and outer information organizers of applications and diversions

– root authorization

Second segment on SD card is discretionary, organizers can be moved to the first or second parcel of the SD card.

Link2SD likewise gives local App2SD highlight of Android OS. It can move any client applications to SD card (power move), with group moving ability.

Link2SD is a free (advertisement upheld) application, you can move up to Link2SD Plus to evacuate promotions and get extra elements.

DISCLAIMER: It is made accessible for use at your own particular danger with no guarantee of any sort.

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