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Extreme Call Blocker v30. Latest Apk

Extreme Call Blocker Latest Apk

Extreme Call Blocker Latest Apk is the most comprehensive and best-selling Call, SMS, and MMS blocking, filtering and privacy app on the Play store.

  • The best call and message manage app in play store, no root required
  • The only message blocking app that works on Kitkat (Android 4.4)
  • 4 years and > 10,000 download and still improving.
  •  Message App developers: if you are interested in making your app work with the blocker app, please email us.
  •  Settings reset problem fixed.

  • — Password protected
  • — Backup/Restore to/from SD card or Dropbox cloud service, won’t lose your numbers and messages when you uninstall and reinstall , or switch phones.
  • — Option to automatically erase all blocked calls from your phone’s call log, all blocking events are saved in the app’s blocking history log, and can be emailed out from the phone.
  • — Support four ways to block a call:
  • * Send to voice mail: no screen flash if number is also in your contact
  • * Answer-and-hang up: prevent the caller from leaving you any voice mail, no voice mail and no miss call notification.
  • * Mute the ring only: caller will hear the normal ring and then voice mail, you hear nothing.
  • * Block outgoing calls: Ideal if you give the phone to kids and don’t want them to call numbers you don’t want them to call.
  • — Six ways to block SMS (Text only message):
  • * Blocked and erased
  • * Blocked and saved in the blocking history log, can be viewed, edited and replied from the blocking history log.
  • * Blocked and hide in the private sms box, can be viewed, edited and replied only by you, from the private sms box.
  • * Auto reply only without blocking, use as an auto text responder.
  • * Block based on message content, with content filter
  • * Auto forward the message to another number.
  • — Block MMS (messages with attachment, picture,music…):
  • * MMS erased before received.
  • * Auto reply only without blocking
  • — Build-in private sms box:
  • * Hide private SMS messages, message will only be saved in private mail box, not anywhere else
  • * Password protected.
  • * LED only notification of new private message, pick your own LED color.
  • * Calls to/from private listed numbers will automatically be erased from phone’s call log, and logged in the private sms box. No trace of calls on the phone from private numbers.
  • * Concealed entry to private sms box

* Remote clear: clear the mail box remotely in case your phone is lost or in unwanted hands

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What’s New
  • Version
  • Added clarification to virus complain.
  • Added security check to prevent and detect any modification to the original App. Any hacking to insert virus to the App will be detected.

Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up

download Extreme Call Blocker v30. Latest Apk

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