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Call recorder (Full) v3.1.7 Apk

Call recorder (Full) v3.1.7 Apk
Call and Voice Recorder (2 in 1)» – application for auto and manual record telephone conversations and voice recorder!

What’s in this version :

  • Updated list of supported devices
  • Added French (Demo)
  • Changes in version 3.1.2:
  • Added ability “Help other usersâ€�. Help and YOU! You can do this by pressing button in “Recording settingsâ€�, thereby sending my application settings, and i will add them to the list of supported devices!

Call recorder (Full) App Review:
IMPORTANT! Before installing disable other software for recording telephone conversations and the free version of this program is also!
Since recording of telephone conversations is allowed in some countries, many vendors disable the ability to record during a call, and so I ask you not to put the bad ratings!
IMPORTANT! If the application is poorly recorded conversation, try a variety of customization options (the procedure is described in the program menu “Help�. Advise you to read!)
If you have any, any problems, errors or suggestions for the program, describe your problem or suggestion in a letter and send it to me in the mail. I will deal with them.
Manage the recording during a call
• Start / stop record manually
• Comments, favorites and start recording one click – when you click on “Edit� button will automatically start recording, open the form editing and recording add to favorites (VERY COMFORTABLE!)
• Favorites and start recording one click – when you click on “Favorite� button will automatically start recording and recording add to favorites (VERY COMFORTABLE!)
• Add a comment or add record favorites and has been enabled “Dialogue after the conversation,� the program will understand that for you this conversation is important and not ask “Save this conversation or not?� (VERY COMFORTABLE!)
• Shake your device to add marks or start recording
Record only the necessary conversations
• Do not save short calls (calls lasting less than N-seconds)
• Individual settings for incoming and outgoing “Save all “, “Do not write�, “Record contacts only�, “Record contacts not only �
• Pause before recording
• Save or delete the record immediately after the conversation (Dialogue after conversation)
Convenient control voice recorder
• Customizable widget (Record / stop, Add comment, Add to favorites, Open the application)
• Permanent notification control recorder (Record / stop, Add comment, Add to favorites) – quick access to recorder (VERY COMFORTABLE!)
• Shake your device to add marks
Select the recording quality
• Recording format «amr», «mp4», «wav» with a choice of recording quality
Browse recorded conversations
• Groups (All / Incoming / Outgoing / Favorites)
• Sort records (By date, By name subscriber, By phone number, By duration, By file size)
• Grouping of records (By date, By name subscriber, By phone number)
• Search in records (phone number, name subscriber, comment)
• Quick filtering by number
Edit, manage to record the conversation
• Editing information about record
• Mark time
• Manage groups of records
• Call a subscriber of the program
• File protection against erasure (Favorites)
• Automatic cleaning (delete records older than N-days)
• Send records through the funds available on the device to send (E-mail, Bluetooth, etc.)
• Change records storage location
• Disable notification of beginning / finished recording
• Record modes “Hide� – there is not any notification, “Show when recording� – notification appears only during recording, “Show when call� – notification appears once at the beginning of the call (Enables: Start/Stop recording manually, add a comment, add to favorites. VERY COMFORTABLE!!!)
• Dialogue on maintaining records after a conversation
• Notification if an error occurred record
• Notification after the auto-delete records
Call recorder (Full) v3.1.7 Apk Call recorder (Full) v3.1.7 Apk Call recorder (Full) v3.1.7 Apk

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